Sean Impara

A lifetime fan of music, Sean started his career in the business about nine years ago.  As a manager of a restaurant that featured live acts six nights a week it wasn't long before he was able to pick out the talent and build a name for himself as knowing and working with several future great artists.  From there, he started his own company, Reluctant Genius Productions which helped provide live music for over ten well known places within the Volusia county area over the next eight years.  With time he has continually proved by working with various venues and artists that he has a great ear for music and seems to know which types of bands fit at each specific place.  Today if you ask him his greatest claim to fame he will undoubtedly tell you that it's the 35 local charity events that he's been able to participate with.  "There's something about how you feel at the end of the day knowing you raised money for a greater cause that makes you feel awesome," he says. In 2016, he teamed up with local producer, songwriter and composer Billy Chapin. At first he was just helping bring in new potential talent but it didn't take long for both of them to realize that there was a common bond between them when it came to music.  In asking him his future goals his first reply is " I'm honored and a little blown away that someone with Billy's background is now my business partner, but ultimately I hope to help local artists take the next step at growing and ultimately getting better within the music industry." There's is no doubt that he has found his passion both in work and with what he wants to achieve in the future. When asked what's next his simple reply is , "Time to get to work and follow my dreams.