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 Tired of booking your own music? Let us handle the entertainment schedule for you. We currently book over 200 shows every month throughout Central Florida. Contact Sean at 386-847-2716 or Jenny at 904-887-8003 to learn what we can offer your venue.  Click here to see our schedule.


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 Static Live Magazine is available throughout Central Florida. We have a talented group of professionals writing about music and art and keep you up to date on the Central Florida music scene. Current and past issues are available online.



 Award Winning Producers Full Service Recording Studio. Protools, TAC Matchless, Mackie Monitors, Large Control Room, Drum Booth, Vocal Booth, Great mic selection, Tubetech and Avalon mic pre's. Yamaha Studio Drum kit, Korg Triton. Various Guitars and amps

To learn more about our artists, visit our Artist Showcase page here.

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